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 Post subject: Installation
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 6:47 pm 
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Please, follow these instructions carefully if you are having problems getting your guestbook to display properly.

1. The first thing would be, do not alter the embed code or your guestbook will not work! This guestbook is created in Flash, it will display directly in your page without causing your site's visitors to leave your site in order to sign your guestbook as most free guestbook services. If the URL you provided in your admin panel for "Guestbook Location" does not contain a webpage within it ( example: ), more than likely your guestbook will display a big ugly "Oooops!" page. In taking the previous example again, the URL should include the page your guestbook will be displayed within ( example: ). It doesn't have to be ".html" it could be any page ( .htm, .html, .shtml, .php, .asp ), but the page should be included. If not, return to your admin panel and correct it.

2. Second, create that page on your server, and put something in it so if you visit it in your browser, you will be able to visually confirm that the page exists. To check it, have your admin panel open in another browser window then copy and paste the value in the field labeled "Guestbook Location" in the browser address bar and hit enter. If you get a page not found error, or something similar, then the location of your guestbook that you provided is incorrect, or you still haven't created that page yet.

3. If the above two have been done, the next thing would be to copy the embed code from the text area in the "Download" page of your admin panel and paste it into the page you have just created. ( Or you can download an HTML page with your embed code already in it. ) Once you have pasted the embed code and reuploaded the page refresh the browser that is displaying that page. This time you should see some text on that page that says "Free Flash Guestbook provided by". If you do not, you either pasted it in the wrong page or you edited the code to remove that text. In either case, your guestbook is not going to work. Please make sure you do not edit the code, that code contains encrypted data that is sent back to our server that verfies the user of that particular guestbook so that our servers can provide it with the correct guestbook entries and save the new entries in the correct place. If the code is altered your guestbook will not work.

4. Now if you have done everything as the instructions have described, you should see the text, but there still isn't a guestbook. Plus, the page never loads completely. This is because you still need to upload the Flash guestbook to your server. So, click here to download the "" file to your hard drive and unzip it. Once it has been unzipped you should now find a file named "flash_guestbook.swf". You now need to upload that file to the exact same place on your server that the page you pasted the code into is located. Once you have uploaded it, refresh the browser that is displaying that page. Now, you should see a little rotating bullseye, once that disappears your guestbook should appear and have a default entry from us welcoming you.

5. If you do not see your guestbook and instead you only see the big ugly "Oooops!" page, then there are a couple of possibilities as to why. The first would be that you have changed your password between the time you pasted the embed code and the moment you uploaded the flash_guestbook.swf. If that is the case, then re-copy the embed code from your admin panel and replace the code that is there now. You do not have to re-upload the flash-guestbook.swf file. The second thing would be that the guestbook is either being displayed in FRAMES or something similar. In which case, the "Guestbook Location" you entered is probably not correct. For an explanation in regards to your guestbook and frames, please click here... or, another reason could be that you went ahead and edited the embed code...

6. If you are almost 100% sure you have done everything just as it has been desribed in the above instructions and it still isn't working, please, either contact us , or post a message here in the support forum and we will help you as much as we can.

7. Also, you can delete entries ( such as our default entry ) by going to your admin panel and at the right there should be a link that says "Delete Posts".

Almost these exact same words can be found within your admin panel after updating the form, and in fact, it might be more of a help than this Sticky post as it contains actual links within the text to the pages you should be checking based on the information entered into your control panel.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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