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I forgot my username and/or password!
How can I retrieve them?
Free Flash Guestbook Can I have the guestbook source file? Free Flash Guestbook Can I change the font colors in my guestbook? Free Flash Guestbook I would like to use my own design for the guestbook and adapt it to my site. Can that be done? Free Flash Guestbook Someone has made a hateful comment in my guestbook. Can I delete it?
Enter the e-mail address you used when you signed up, and have your username and password sent to you:


No, source files aren't included with the deliverables.

No, but you can change the guestbook design. Each guestbook template comes with its own palette of font colors.

Not yet! We are planning to implement a feature which will allow users to use their own guestbook template. Until then we can offer our services, meaning we can customize the guestbook for you - either with a design provided by you, or a design created based on your description.
Contact us for more information.

Absolutely. You can manage your guestbook, incl. the guestbook entries through your admin panel.
Each time I change my guestbook design, do I have to repaste the embed code and download the guestbook? Free Flash Guestbook I have done everything as directed and my guestbook is only showing this big ugly "Ooops!" page.
What's the problem??
Free Flash Guestbook Can I have more than one guestbook? Free Flash Guestbook Why can you only put one smiley with each post? Free Flash Guestbook You didn't provide an answer to my question, now what do I do?
No, you do not. The only times you will have to repaste your embed code and download the guestbook again, would be if you change your password, or if you want to take advantage of an updated version of the guestbook. Otherwise, all you have to do is make the changes in your admin panel, and refresh your guestbook page in the browser.

It can be a number of things, here is a check list to go through:

1. Make sure what appears in the "Guestbook Location" field in your admin panel is exactly the same as that which is in the address bar of your browser when you are viewing that big ugly "Ooops!" page. If they are not the same, either update your admin panel, or change the location of your guestbook. Pay special attention to misspellings.

2. Another possibility is that you have altered the embed code in some way. If you add a line break, a class to the link, or remove the link completely, the guestbook will not work. Also, the "flash_guestbook.swf" must be in the same directory as the document that will be displaying it. If it is not, it means you either had to alter the code don't even see the big ugly "Ooops!" page.

3. The only other thing that would be a common error would be if you change your password. If you change your password you must update the embed code in your page and download the guestbook file again. This is a form of protection for your guestbook's content your password is used to confirm that the access to your guestbook is actually your guestbook on your site.

If you have checked all of these things and are still having problems, use the Forum to let us know and we will look into it. If you do contact us, please use the e-mail address you signed up with, and provide us with the location to your guestbook. Please understand, if the reason for the problem has to do with your hosting server environment we are not obligated to fix those problems.

Yes, but you will have to create a new account for each additional guestbook. Which will require that you provide a different username and e-mail address. Plus, each individual guestbook will have its own entries, not the same entries in each guestbook.

This is due to the lack of possibilities within Flash. We are attempting to find a solution for that so please bear with us.

Contact us, or browse the forum.

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