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Guestbook Categories Preview all the guestbooks, and pick the design that best matches your website! Guestbook designs are now sorted by categories, so you can more easily find The One. Remember - some guestbooks are animated, some static, some are scalable, some are semi-transparent, others have a solid background and the preview or demo pages are setup so you can see the exact functionality and feel of each guestbook. Enjoy!
As a registered user you can then select your favorite design through the admin panel.

Basic Guestbook Designs

Basic & Minimalistic

Ancient Guestbook Designs

Ancient & Mystical

Office Guestbook Designs

Office & OS

Animals Guestbook Designs

Animals & Nature

Themed Guestbook Designs

Movies & Games

Science Fiction Guestbook Designs

Science Fiction

Playful Guestbook Designs

Playful & Friendly

Music Guestbook Designs

Dance & Music

Miscellaneous Guestbook Designs


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